This is a most singular moment in time: for the first time in my life, the Dutch government imposed a curfew. Really weird. Not after the Second World War, my fellow countrymen have been locked up during lockdowns.

Also, future generations may not ever experience this again. …

April 2020, the Dutch town of Harderwijk would have loved to host their third TEDx event. And invited me to contribute.

The actual TEDx Harderwijk event was… eeh… well, corancelled. Luckily, I recorded the audio during a rehearsal.
So… no glamorous introductions, spiffy video or theater audience.

But I do…

This is where we leave the populated areas behind.
Far from the crowded city, on the open sea, Akari makes his windbags catch wind. A kind of large air balloon.

‘The first Law of the Thermotynamic Waltz!’ he cries.

With it, he lifts an enormous sea snail out of the…

Maarten Bronts

Poet, author and copywriter. Wordsmith explorer. Journalist. Bohémien. Nutcase. Jedi Padawan. Artisanal stories.

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